Languages and literacy in Ethiopia

Literacy In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located at the "horn of Africa".  More than 80 languages are spoken in a country with currently about 120 million inhabitants, and its size is comparable to Ontario, Columbia, or South Africa.

There are four different language families: semitic, cushitic, nilotic, and omotic languages. The official language of Ethiopia is Amharic, a south semitic language. In some of the 80 languages, no research has been done, and no written material is available for these people groups. Until recently, Tsaara had been one of those.


The Tsaara people live in the Kaffa-region of south-western Ethiopia, still cut off from infrastructure and most influences of civilization.  Here you can learn more about this special people group.

How and when did I meet the Tsaara people?

At the age of 14, I already had the dream of working in literacy and Bible translation in Afrika. After university, my life initially took a different turn:  starting and raising a family,  and becoming a gallery owner. 40 years passed, keeping my dream waiting.  Then in 2016, I was invited to work with the Tsaara people. Together with the NGO "Wycliffe Ethiopia",  we started to make a way for mothertongue education. When the gospel of John was given to the Tsaara as a very first book in their language, tears of joy filled many eyes. My dream was taking shape. 

I will gladly let you take part in this pioneer process of yielding to a whole people group's hunger for God's word and for education in the language of their heart.

Here, you will get some more details about me.

Literacy In Ethiopia

Helping a dream to come true  needs strong in the background: Here is how to join the project and become a light of hope for the Tsaara people.