make a dream come true!

Get involved in a pionier project! You will experience how much gratitude you will receive from people that you are opening a door for an existential basic human right, a right that has been self-evident for our countries for generations: to have access to mothertongue education.



  • receive my newsletter that I will send about 5 times a year, more frequent while I am in Ethiopia;
  • pray for the project, thus empowering the long-term development and sustainability; you may ask for specific prayer requests or even become a prayer partner for a specific need, person or group of people;
  • be a partner in the project by giving a one-time or monthly donation. Use this link for the US-Kontaktmission-account, and this one for Kontakt Canada. Make sure to mention the designation (US: for Ute Olschowy, Canada: for literacy Ethiopia);
  • or, if you like symbolism, as a token gesture you can sponsor one of the Tsaara letters:

set a sign for Tsaara literacy!


The Tsaara alphabet consists of small and capital Roman letters, and punctuation marks.

A monthly donation of

  • $ 50 symbolically sponsors a capital letter
  • $ 25 sponsors a small letter
  • $ 10 sponsors a punctuation sign

You may choose a sign one of your choice, if available (- this could make a very special (birthday) present, using one of the initials!)


Monthly donations will support my work for the Tsaara people, and will make a vision come true.



Use the contact form below

- if you have any questions and/or ideas

- if you like to sponsor a certain letter sign

- if you would like to receive my newsletter

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